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Stainless Steel Kettle
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Ferment, Filter and Extraction Equipment
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DL Bag Filter Series
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Dryer, Separator and Mixer
Vacuum Harrow Dryer
LGCentrifugal Scraper Fi¡­
MB Film Evaporator Serie¡­
Crystallization (Heating¡­
Cylindrical dryer
Distillatory and Concentrator
Vacuum Decompression Con¡­
ZN-C Type Concentrator
WZN Type External Circul¡­
ZN Type Vacuum Decompres¡­
Dynamic Thermal Backflow¡­
WZI External Heating Vac¡­
WZ 11 500-2000 Dual-effe¡­
WZ 111 500-5000 Tri-effe¡­
Distillation recovery co¡­
Alcohol recovery tower
Z series high efficiency¡­
Other Equipment
Vacuum Homogenized Emuls¡­
Stainless Steel (Carbon ¡­
Steam Separating Cylinde¡­
Still Kettle, Sulfuratio¡­
Non-standard Piece
Methanol and Alcohol Col¡­
Stainless Steel Packed o¡­
ZFQ, ZF Type Evaporator
Steam accumulator
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Vacuum Harrow Dryer
It has the features of simple structure, easy operation, long service life, stable performance, low steam consumption, extensive availability and good quality, especially, it is suitable for dry¡­
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LGCentrifugal Scraper Film Evaporator Series
Summarization: the device is a high-efficient evaporator and distillator to make liquid into even film for evaporation or distillation through high-speed rotation. It can also carry out deodo¡­
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MB Film Evaporator Series
The device is set up by evaporator, steam-liquid separator, pre-heater and a simple separator. Evaporator is an upward film heat exchanger, which has the features of bulk manufacture, high effic¡­
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Crystallization (Heating) Slicer
1. Working Theory Slicer is a process of cooling and crystallization. The melted material in tray contacts with cooled rotary-drum to form film on surface of rotary-drum. Through the heat exc¡­
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Cylindrical dryer
YZG type is cylinder tube and shell vacuum dryer series. It is an innovative and advanced general dryer to be manufactured on analyzing and researching the same devices both at home and abroad a¡­
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