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Reaction Kettle
Stainless Steel Kettle
Steam and Thermal Oil Ci¡­
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Man-made Resin and Coati¡­
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Heat Exchanger
Tube and Shell Condensat¡­
Sanitary condenser
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Tube and Shell Heat Exch¡­
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Ferment, Filter and Extraction Equipment
Ferment Tank Series
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DL Bag Filter Series
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Dryer, Separator and Mixer
Vacuum Harrow Dryer
LGCentrifugal Scraper Fi¡­
MB Film Evaporator Serie¡­
Crystallization (Heating¡­
Cylindrical dryer
Distillatory and Concentrator
Vacuum Decompression Con¡­
ZN-C Type Concentrator
WZN Type External Circul¡­
ZN Type Vacuum Decompres¡­
Dynamic Thermal Backflow¡­
WZI External Heating Vac¡­
WZ 11 500-2000 Dual-effe¡­
WZ 111 500-5000 Tri-effe¡­
Distillation recovery co¡­
Alcohol recovery tower
Z series high efficiency¡­
Other Equipment
Vacuum Homogenized Emuls¡­
Stainless Steel (Carbon ¡­
Steam Separating Cylinde¡­
Still Kettle, Sulfuratio¡­
Non-standard Piece
Methanol and Alcohol Col¡­
Stainless Steel Packed o¡­
ZFQ, ZF Type Evaporator
Steam accumulator
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Stainless Steel (Carbon Steel) Tank and Tank Car Series
[Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Tank Car and Tank Series]
Industrial-use pure aluminum tank car, horizontal and vertical tank and high-level tank. (mainly for transporting strong nitric acid, glacial acetic acid and other erosive liquid) Various stainless steel, carbon steel tank car, horizontal and vertical tank, high-level tank and measuring tank. Special specification can be designed and manufactured as per customer¡¯s demands.
L2R aluminum tank car, 0.5-10 m3 stainless steel and carbon steel tank car 0.5-10m3 L2R aluminum horizontal and vertical tank 1.5-150m3, stainless steel, carbon steel horizontal and vertical tank 0.5-1000m3
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